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Taking tools to Eastleigh

UK: HVACR tools company Fieldpiece Instruments recently took its new technologies to the refrigeration and air conditioning students at Eastleigh College for a live demonstration.

Students in full time, part time and apprenticeship study were in attendance for hear Fieldpiece technical sales engineer Kyle Chester-Marsden discuss the impact of the company’s products on the industry and perform a live demonstration with many of the tools.

“Performing these demonstrations gives us the opportunity to communicate to the engineers how they can carry out their job easier, faster and better by using our tooling,” said Kyle Chester-Marsden.

“The future of RACHP is going to become increasingly important with the advancements of heating and cooling systems commercially and domestically.  It’s imperative that the generation of engineers coming through apprenticeships or qualifications can carry out the works safely and efficiently in order to be able to install, service and maintain these systems.” 

“Industry specialists are always the best people to impart useful advice and guidance to our learners and this visit from Fieldpiece has helped them gain valuable information that can help them prepare for a future in this industry,” commented Eastleigh College’s head of department Julie O’Carrol.

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