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Toshiba takes system records online

UK: Toshiba has developed a new online commissioning and warranty system which it believes will revolutionise the management of air conditioning warranty claims.

According to Toshiba, which led the industry with the first seven-year warranty, the new tool will deliver significant cost and time benefits to end users, installers and service companies.

The online system will provide a new way of managing and implementing claims, and sourcing and ordering any related spare-parts required. The new system will bring all the relevant data together in one place, making it instantly accessible by all key parties.

It also gives end users instant access to key F-gas charge data for plant and equipment on their estates, centralising record keeping and assisting legal compliance.

The system is being rolled-out in a phased programme over the coming year, beginning with national accounts linked to relevant installers.

Administered by Toshiba, customers and installers will be able to log onto the system from a smart phone, tablet or PC and access comprehensive data on installed equipment, at individual plant or building level, up to a national estate.

Information stored includes equipment installation dates, models and spare part data, commissioning records, engineers involved at each stage, training records, sites and locations, service history and F-gas charge data.

The system automatically tracks and cross references engineers’ training records, logging attendance on courses and CPDs, to ensure that competence and skill levels required under the warranty terms are met.

For contractors, as detailed spare parts information is held, it enables rapid ordering of replacement components in the event of a service requirement or repair. For approved warranty claims, parts are supplied free-of-charge with a realistic real-time credit given for labour.

The system will be used to log all projects involving Toshiba equipment qualifying for the seven-year enhanced warranty, subject to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions, regardless of the level of installer purchases.

The system will be phased in to include all seven-year enhanced warranty direct sales installations, and then progressively offered to installer customers of Toshiba distributors qualifying for the seven year enhanced warranty.

“Maintaining accurate records and making them available to the people who need them, when they need them, is absolutely essential to an effective warranty claims system,” said David Dunn, director and general manager of Toshiba and CIAT Ozonair.

“We believe the new Toshiba systems will dramatically reduce the time it takes to process warranty claims, and streamline the whole process for everyone.”

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