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UK government delays CHMM scheme

UK: The UK government is proposing a year’s delay on the introduction of the Clean Heat Market Mechanism, one of its key tools to support the rollout of heat pumps. 

The government now plans to adjust the launch of the CHMM scheme from 1 April of this year to 1 April 2025 in order to “provide industry with further time to prepare their businesses, and for more consumers to take up heat pumps”.

Target levels for 2025/2026 (set at 6% of relevant boiler sales), and all other aspects of the scheme’s design and implementation, would remain as set out in the government’s November 2023 consultation response. Targets for further years will be subject to consultation.

“We intend to continue industry-government engagement to consider the joint actions needed to support this market growth, increasing investment and growing consumer confidence in heat pumps,” the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero said.

Reacting to the announcement, the Heat Pump Association’s CEO Charlotte Lee said: “Whilst this does not provide the certainty industry desperately needs; it does offer an opportunity for the government to deliver functioning processes in a transparent manner to enable the mechanism to work.

“This delay also provides time for the Government to lay the required statutory Instruments to introduce the policy,” she added.

She called on the government to use the time to take “meaningful action” to rebalance the price of electricity relative to gas.

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23rd July 2024

JCI-Hitachi confirms $8.1bn JV sale to Bosch

JAPAN/USA/GERMANY: Johnson Controls and Hitachi have confirmed an agreement to sell their European air conditioning joint venture business to German manufacturer Robert Bosch in an $8.1bn deal.
23rd July 2024

Lu-Ve in €27m deal to supply UK nuclear plant

ITALY: Lu-Ve is to supply air coolers to the latest Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant under construction in Somerset, UK, in a €27m contract.
22nd July 2024

Bosch leads bid for JCI-Hitachi JV

JAPAN: German company Robert Bosch is reported to be the leading candidate to acquire the Johnson Controls-Hitachi domestic air conditioning joint venture. 
22nd July 2024

Baxi heat pumps meet Passivhaus challenge

UK: A development of 16 social homes designed and built to achieve Passivhaus standard has been constructed in Dalbeattie, Dumfries & Galloway, with the support of Baxi air-source heat pumps.
21st July 2024

Adiabatic CO2 system promises big energy savings

AUSTRALIA: An indirect evaporative CO2 refrigeration system which promises potential energy savings of 19% is being trialled in one of Australia's leading supermarkets.
21st July 2024

Panasonic adds energy efficient glass on freezer doors

JAPAN: Panasonic’s use of vacuum insulated glass (VIG) on new reach-in freezer upright display cases is said to offer energy savings of up to 33% compared to conventional units.