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Vaughan apprentices re-employed

UK: Seven building engineering apprentices made redundant following the collapse of part of Vaughan Engineering last month have been swiftly re-employed.

Members of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) in Scotland have found positions for all of the apprentices after Vaughan was forced into administration following the insolvency of the construction giant Carillion.

The 53-year-old company’s Belfast-based operation was not affected and continues to trade, but Vaughan’s businesses based in Newcastle, Manchester and Edinburgh were hit by the fallout.

BESA chief executive David Frise described the swift re-employment of the Vaughan apprentices in Scotland as a “lone bright spot in an otherwise tragic tale”.

“There has been a string of bad news following the collapse of Carillion and the loss of this long-established and highly respected company is heart breaking,” said Mr Frise. “However, the speed with which fellow BESA members have moved to rescue the careers of these apprentices has helped to raise spirits.”

Three of the apprentices were taken on by Blantyre Park Services, with one each going to Servest Arthur McKay, John G Mackintosh, James Frew and FES.

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