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$2m centre for spool compressor

Torad-Compressor-CP6USA: The company behind a new refrigeration and air conditioning compressor design has opened a $2m commercial development centre to support the technology.

The new 13,000ft² state-of-the-art facility in Cumming, Georgia, houses Torad Engineering’s skilled design and manufacturing engineers as well as a full complement of manufacturing equipment.

Torad’s spool compressor resembles a rotary vane compressor and is described as being smaller, lighter and cheaper to manufacture than current technology. It has four main components: rotor, main housing, vane, and bearing housing. Unlike scroll and screw compressors employing complex geometries, Torad maintains that the components can be manufactured utilising lower cost capital equipment and easily scaled for larger sizes. The design is said to be durable with significant advantages in capacity density and variable speed operation.

The new facility supports Torad’s core research and the need to produce prototype hardware for Torad’s commercialisation partners. In addition, Torad has expanded testing capacity for refrigeration development as well as improved metrology capabilities to aid in the rapid development of production-ready designs.

Torad says it now has the capability to produce machines for a wide range of applications with capacities ranging from fractional horsepower to 200hp.

“The $2 million investment in the TCDC demonstrates Torad’s commitment to the continued research and commercial development of the spool machine across a diverse set of applications and industries,” said Greg Kemp Torad’s chief executive officer.

“The new facility will accelerate the learning curve for all applications of the spool machine. The expanding engineering and manufacturing resource extends Torad’s knowledge base to help OEM partners develop and deliver innovative products more quickly with less technical risk.”

Torad’s plans include growing investments in technology and additional staff including engineers, technical staff, as well as sales and marketing to support global growth.

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