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Carel China installs over 1,000 PV panels

CHINA/ITALY: Italian controls manufacturer Carel is installing over 1000 photovoltaic modules on the roof of its factory in Suzhou, China.

The 1016 550Wp PV modules produced by Padua-based manufacturer FuturaSun have been installed on the 6000m2 roof of the industrial building. The system will be capable of providing 504MWh per year, equivalent to 24% of the company’s electricity consumption.

Carel Electronic Suzhou Co. production plant in China was established in 2005, with the new 15,000m2 plant inaugurated in In 2019. The Carel Suzhou factory is a wholly foreign owned enterprise controlled 100% by Carel Industries SpA.

The partnership between Carel and FuturaSun will soon be extended with the installation of a 355kWp PV rooftop system at Carel’s HQ in Brugine (Padua).

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