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Carrefour pledges to limit peak power consumption

FRANCE: Carrefour has pledged to reduce or postpone its stores’ electricity consumption during periods of significant strain on the electricity grid.

The French retailer has teamed up with EcoWatt, the “electricity weather forecasting service” developed by France’s electrical transmission operator RTE, with the support of France’s energy and environmental management agency ADEME. 

The Ecowatt Charter is a scheme which provides real time information about the quantities of electricity available to supply French consumers. It provides private individuals, companies and communities with guidance so they can establish eco-friendly habits designed to limit electricity consumption during peak times. A warning system gives information about which times and days people should reduce or postpone their electricity consumption. That way outages can be avoided, or at least their duration can be reduced. 

Carrefour is seen as committing to encouraging the use of a more responsible form of electricity, as well as reducing its own ad hoc energy consumption during peak times. It could, for example, lower the lighting in its stores and reduce the heating – that would reduce power by between 2.1MW and 10MW. Or it could make its own production capabilities available, which represent more than 60MW of electrical power. Customers will be told when the scheme is triggered.

“Carrefour’s aim is simple: be in a position to reduce its stores’, warehouses’ and shopping centres’ electricity consumption as much as possible when warnings are issued, and fulfil our duty to lead by example,” said Carrefour Group CEO Alexandre Bompard. “Given how many stores we have and the role that we play in our sector, engaging with thousands of suppliers and millions of customers, we want to be part of the national effort and show that we can, by doing lots of little and big things, as a company, but also on our own, make a difference.”

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