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Carrier sessions target retail customers

GERMANY: Carrier Commercial Refrigeration has announced the opportunity for retail customer days at its intelligence centre in Mainz, to encourage deeper customer engagement and create a forum for discussions.

The programme will provide in-depth product, service and technology strategy sessions centred around current capabilities and future developments. 

“The world has gone through significant changes over the past year, and the need for enhanced customer intimacy, with customised quality time, has never been stronger,” said Carrier Commercial Refrigeration president David Appel. “Rather than rely mainly upon large trade shows that take place on an annual, if not longer basis, we will begin hosting targeted sessions with decision makers at our world-class technology centre in Germany with tailored programmes that address a customer’s specific needs.”

The sessions will involve discussions covering retail trends, technology reviews, installations and life-cycle optimisation.

Carrier says that specific agendas will be shaped with each customer to optimise their time and address their needs. Topic selections can include new product development, energy efficiency, sustainable solutions such as carbon dioxide refrigerants developments, services, digital and life-cycle solutions, as well as subjects specific to a customer.

Those interested in securing a session are encouraged to contact their account representative or Carrier Commercial Refrigeration team at [email protected].

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