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Circular cassette is star of Samsung tour


KOREA: A series of global roadshows, which end this week in the UK, has brought the latest Samsung air conditioning technology to the doorsteps of nearly 10,000 customers.

Since October last year, Samsung has hosted a series of global roadshows, taking in 117 cities to showcase its air conditioning product range, inviting more than 9,000 B2B customers from 50 countries. The European leg of the Innovation Tour UK involved two articulated lorries visiting 40 cities in 20 countries and ends this week in the UK.

The four new product additions include the world’s largest capacity VRF outdoor unit and the introduction of a 360°, fully circular cassette.

The new product introductions were announced at the company’s global air conditioning conference in Korea last year and debuted in Europe at last week’s Mostra Convegno exhibition in Milan.

Samsung admits it is something of a late bloomer in the air conditioning market, but the company is rapidly gaining a reputation for technological innovations.

“While it has only been about a decade since Samsung started engaging in the VRF AC system business, our buyers believe that our products will be the industry trendsetters,” commented Charles Park, vice president of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Business. “This rings especially true when it comes to our 2016 products, including the 360 cassette indoor unit and the DVM S, which has the highest capacity in its class,” he added.

The 360º cassette was one of the stars of the Mostra Convegno show

The star of the new introductions is undoubtedly the 360º cassette. According to Samsung, its innovative bladeless design transforms and increases air flow by up to 25%. A special booster fan inside the 360 cassette guides air to form a complete horizontal flow in a full 360 direction.

Available in five capacities from 7.1kW to 14kW, the 360º cassette will be available for order in the UK from next week.


First launched in 2013, Samsung’s DVM S VRF system was upgraded last year and has now been expanded with the addition of what is claimed to be the world’s largest capacity unit. The new 30hp 84kW outdoor unit provides increased performance with a smaller footprint. This is achieved through the use of a new design of coil, a small amount of flash injection and a redesigned compressor scroll.

The special hybrid coil has two different airflow paths created by using both tripod and diagonal line hairpins. This is designed to encourage air to be drawn more uniformly across the coil. The flash injection technology employed is said to increase heating performance by 29%.

Mini VRF

Samsung’s mini VRF, the DVM S Eco has been expanded with a new 14HP unit. Said to be the most compact unit in its class, the Eco uses the same flash injection technology as its larger brother. The new unit also provides an extended piping length of up to 160m and an installation height of up to 50m. The width of the new DVM S Eco 14HP is just 940mm, maximizing capacity with a better use of space, while the four-way piping enables convenient installation.

DVM chiller

Responding to the growing demand for water-source HVAC following the tightening of the EU F-gas regulations, the new DVM chiller combines an air-cooled chiller with VRF technology in a compact unit.

Again using the BLDC flash injection compressor, the DVM chiller is said to achieve and ESEER of 5.7. It is available in 42kW, 56kW and 65kW modules and up to 16 modules can be combined to achieve a maximum capacity of 320 tons.

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