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Cofinair buys cooling tower firm KTK

The KTK Kühlturm Karlsruhe facility in Durmersheim

FRANCE: German cooling tower manufacturer KTK Kühlturm Karlsruhe has been acquired by the French Cofinair Group.

KTK joins Cofinair’s two other leading cooling tower subsidiaries, fellow German manufacturer EW Gohl GmbH and French company Jacir. All three brands will continue to operate independently of each other.

“Through the acquisition, the Cofinair Group is becoming a key player in the evaporation cooling business across the European market,” said EW Gohl MD Doïc Hordern.

“The resources of the Cofinair Group help to maximise the value of our customers. We want to continue to be the leader in the refrigeration market,” added KTK MD “says Dipl-Ingenieur Karlheinz Geiger, Managing Director of KTK Kühlturm Karlsruhe GmbH.

A first joint appearance of KTK and EW Gohl is planned for Chillventa 2018.

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