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Company fined for importing R22

AUSTRALIA: A company in Australia has been fined AUS$12,600 for importing bulk R22 without a controlled substances licence.

The unnamed company based in Victoria is said to be an importer, manufacturer and supplier of air conditioning equipment was by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment for importing HCFC without a licence.

Since 1 January 1996, importers and exporters of bulk HCFC who hold a controlled substances licence, have been required to hold to an HCFC quota.

The substance, identified as R22, was supplied by an overseas equipment manufacturer to fill uncharged equipment it had shipped to the company. The company holds an equipment licence to import equipment charged with scheduled substances. However, a controlled substances licence and HCFC quota must be held to import or export bulk quantities of HCFC.

The company was also fined for using banned disposable cylinders for storing the R22. 

Since 1 January 2020 importers in Australia can no longer import HCFC equipment, or equipment designed to operate solely on HCFCs, unless an exemption is held.

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