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Copeland begins CO2 compressor manufacturing in US

USA: Copeland has expanded production of its CO2 compressors to its US manufacturing plants in Sidney, Ohio, and Rushville, Indiana.

The production of Copeland’s CO2 semi-hermetic and scroll compressors currently being manufactured in Mikulov, Czech Republic, and Cookstown, Ireland, are now also being manufactured at its North American locations.

Manufacture of Copeland’s 4MTLS transcritical and 4MSLS subcritical CO2 semi-hermetic product lines began in Rushville, Indiana, last week at the same time that the company’s ZO(D) CO2 scroll and digital scroll compressors commenced production in Sidney, Ohio.

Copeland anticipates an accelerated adoption of CO2 refrigeration technology in the US being driven by food retail businesses pledging sustainability targets and needing to comply with environmental regulations. There has also been additional growth in cold storage infrastructure. 

“The investments we are making in our facilities, supply chain and people in North America will allow Copeland to increase production capacity and flexibility,” said Dave Bersaglini, vice president and general manager of refrigeration, at Copeland. 

“Positioning operations closer to customers and improving delivery times will allow us to be more responsive, providing customers with local support to help ensure their success,” he added.

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