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Cryogiam opts for R455A in new condensing units

BELGIUM: Cryogiam, a Sicilian refrigeration equipment manufacturer, is said to have adopted low GWP A2L refrigerant R455A in preference to CO2 in its new condensing units.

Manufactured and marketed by Honeywell as Solstice L40X, R455A is a blend of an HFO (R1234yf), an HFC (R32) and “natural” refrigerant CO2 and has a GWP of just 146.

In the move away from R404A, Cryogiam, which also manufactures compressor racks and split monoblock systems, wanted to adopt a long-term refrigerant in their production of condensing units, using a safe, simple, efficient and cost-effective technology.

“Cryogiam has invested heavily in carbon dioxide technology in the past,” said Cryogiam R&D chief technical officer Alessandro Carrubba. “However, the problem that emerged immediately was the efficiency at our usual operating temperatures. In the meantime, there are several comparative studies that demonstrate how the use of A2L refrigerants, such as Solstice L40X in commercial refrigeration, leads to greater operating efficiency. Also, carbon dioxide technology involves complex installation and service management, which is, without doubt, expensive in the life span of the system.”

In addition to the refrigerant, Honeywell and its Italian distribution partner GeneralGas, also supplied technical support for flammability, glide, and performance management. 

In order to provide peace of mind about the possible flammability-related risks from the use of an A2L refrigerant blend, Cryogiam partnered with consultant TECA to perform a risk assessment and certify the safety and suitability of Solstice L40X in these applications

Based on the sources of risk and their actual extent in practice, TECA drove Cryogiam through the design and production process of two series of units with a maximum refrigerant load of 6kg and 14kg, representing most of the market demand. 

Cryogiam ran a full set of tests in its own facilities. All components were carefully selected for the required cooling capacities and working conditions. Bitzer supported Cryogiam in the selection of compressors for use with Solstice L40X.

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