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Daikin expands euro R32 range


EUROPE/JAPAN: Daikin is increasing its availability of air conditioners running on the lower GWP refrigerant R32 with launches in both Europe and Japan.

Designed by Daikin Europe, for Europe, the new BluEvolution series to be launched early next year, includes a new Daikin Emura, based on the award-winning design of its predecessors and a brand new FTXM indoor and Multi outdoor range – all operating on the new “mildly flammable” R32 refrigerant. The Cooling Post also believes that R32 will be introduced into commercial systems with the launch of an R32 cassette next year.

According to Daikin Europe, the Bluevolution launch will make a significant addition to the Daikin Emura range. Designed and produced in Europe, the new split range is rated up to A+++ for maximum energy efficiency in heating and cooling. 

Said to be virtually noise-free in operation, the new split range incorporates the latest developments in climate control technology: intelligent eye sensors automatically adjust air flow to minimise draughts and reduce output in unoccupied rooms to save energy, while 3D airflow provides even temperatures throughout the room for optimum comfort.

The new FTXM indoor split range incorporates Daikin’s latest Flash Streamer technology which uses high speed electrons to eliminate allergens, smells and bacteria without collecting mould and viruses.

For the multi splits, control is possible for up to five units from a single centralised system, with either a hard-wired or wireless controller, via an optional app for remote adjustment. Units can be assigned to individual zones and according to power consumption to reflect room usage patterns. The same controls are also available for the single splits.

Installation of the new range can be carried out easily without replacing existing piping. Replacement of older systems running with R22, R407C or R410A refrigerants is also possible.


Meanwhile, in Japan, Daikin has announced the introduction from February 1 of a new Five Star Zeas range for commercial applications, again running on R32. In addition to the efficiencies gained from the use of R32, the new Japanese inverter models are also said to benefit from the adoption of an all-aluminium double microchannel heat exchanger to provide savings of up to 70%.

The new heat exchanger is said to feature a large number of refrigerant flow paths of less than 1mm diameter, to achieve the high energy efficiency without increasing the installation size of the outdoor unit.

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