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Daikin knows when you doze

JAPAN: Daikin and Japanese IT company NEC are trialling an air conditioning control system designed to improve the efficiency of office workers by preventing drowsiness.

NEC’s face recognition technology and artificial intelligence is being used to recognise the movement of a person’s eyelids. When it detects that the person is dozing, it temporarily lowers the room temperature.

Daikin and NEC have been conducting joint research into the use of AI in air conditioning since announcing their tie-up in 2016. The research aims to use NEC’s AI in Daikin air conditioners capable of recognising workers and their physical and mental state through facial and voice recognition.

In addition to lowering the temperature, tests were also carried out in combination with increasing the light levels and introducing aromas into the workspace.

It was found that arousal increased when the room temperature, set at 27ºC, was temporarily lowered to 24ºC. Changing light levels and introducing aromas have a less pronounced effect.

Trials are ongoing, but there are plans to have the technology ready within two years.

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