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Daikin launches heat recovery VRV

VRV IV heat recovery outdoor unitUK: Daikin is claiming huge efficiency increases for the heat recovery version of its VRV lV air conditioning system.

The new three-pipe version of the VRV lV is said to be, on average, 28% more efficient than the previous generation of VRV, is more flexible and can be installed faster than any other heat recovery system.

Daikin chose the opening day of the ACR Show in Birmingham for the European launch of this latest product which, although originally due to be launched at the end of March, will now be available in the second half of this year.

VRV IV heat recovery integrates multiple climate control systems, recovering “free” heat from areas requiring cooling and using it to heat other areas and provide hot water. It is said to deliver optimal comfort for commercial buildings, with very high efficiencies (COPs up to 10 in mixed mode) as well as reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions.

The three-pipe system also features the three innovations featured on the original VRV lV: variable refrigerant temperature technology, continuous heating during defrost, for improved efficiency and comfort and the VRV configurator software for faster installation.

The new multi BS box is said to be lighter and easier to install
The new multi BS box is said to be lighter and easier to install

Variable refrigerant temperature technology continually adjusts refrigerant temperature to match heating or cooling demand and the outside temperature. Efficiency is, on average, 28% higher and comfort is improved, says Daikin. An added benefit is that higher refrigerant temperatures prevent cold draughts.

Continuous heating during defrost also improves comfort, avoiding a drop in indoor temperatures during the defrost cycle.

Another key aspect of the heat recovery version is a redesigned multi-port BS box, which is said to be lighter and quieter than before and is faster and easier to install.

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