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Danfoss invests in US coil coating firm

USA/DENMARK: Continuing to invest in new technology, Danfoss has acquired a minority stake in Nelumbo, a California-based developer of heat exchanger surface treatment technology.

Founded in Berkeley in 2015, Nelumbo has developed a special surface treatment technology that can be used for improved heat exchanger performance and corrosion resistance.

Describing Nelumbo as a very promising company, Danfoss Cooling president Jürgen Fischer said: “The partnership with Nelumbo clearly demonstrates our ambition to invest in new, innovative technology and always look to engineer a better future. We are excited about the potential Nelumbo holds for heat exchangers and the broader HVAC market,” he added.

“With this step, we will be able to offer customisation capabilities that meet growing customer requirements for superior performance and reliability in the HVAC market,” added Lars Rasmussen, vice president of Danfoss Cooling Heat Exchangers.

Nelumbo was formed by three engineers from University of California, Berkeley in 2015. The company currently employs eight people and is located in Hayward, California, USA.

Products include Ice-Nein, a surface modification for refrigeration equipment which is said to reduce defrosting times, maintains a cleaner operation of cooling coils and improves energy performance.

Omniphobe is a coating developed for air conditioning coils, keeping them clean and dry, and is said to provide significant energy savings.

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