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Danfoss open its latest development centre

The new Smart Store with two-floor ADC centre behind

DENMARK: Danfoss has officially opened its latest Application Development Centre (ADC), this one within its new Smart Store supermarket near the company’s headquarters in Nordborg.

The new Application Development Centre will offer the cooling and heating industry the opportunity to access state-of-the-art test facilities and expert support, for field testing new components and cloud technologies for both small and large applications. It supplements the existing 1,200m2 ADC located at the Nordborg headquarters and joins additional Danfoss ADCs in India, USA and China.

Danfoss personnel opening the new Nordborg ADC (left to right): Stefan Pietrek, senior director, global applications innovation; Jurgen Fischer, president, Climate Solutions; Ejnar Luckmann, Smart Store ADC technical manager; Lars Mou Jessen, director, global applications development centers

Described as one of the world’s most energy efficient supermarkets, the 1,500m2 Smart Store was opened at the end of June. It is said to be approximately 50% more energy efficient than a typical supermarket with a first generation CO2 refrigeration system, and 20-30% more efficient than an equivalent local store already fitted with multiple energy efficiency solutions.

The supermarket has two refrigeration systems that run independently, ensuring that product testing does not interfere with the operations of the supermarket.

The plant includes a twin-tank heat recovery unit

The 750m2 ADC is split over the Smart Store’s ground and first floors and also includes a 334m2 outside test area.

It houses a standard CO2 refrigeration pack with Bock compressors providing 29kW MT and 13kW LT to the 800m2 Smart Store sales area. 

It also includes an advanced CO, Energy Pack for test and innovation purposes. It uses a variety of Danfoss products and Bock compressors. These supply eight LT cabinets and10 MT cabinets, as well as MT and LT cold rooms.

“The new ‘Smart Store showcases the incredible possibilities we have ready today with existing solutions for natural refrigerants, energy efficiency, and sourcing renewables — all-in-one installation,” said Danfoss Climate Solutions president Jurgen Fischer. 

The ADC opening was celebrated with an open house event for Danfoss partners and customers who have contributed to the site. Peder Gabrielsen from the European Environment Agency offered a keynote speech, followed by a site tour of the event led by Danfoss leadership. 

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