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Detached pipe cap caused ammonia leak


CHINA: A detached pipe cap may have been the cause of the ammonia leak on Saturday which killed 15 people at a fish processing and storage plant in Shanghai.

According to official sources a cap on a pipe carrying ammonia fell off, releasing the chemical, resulting in the death of 15 and hospitalizing 25 others. Five were reported to be in critical condition. The workers suffered internal burns and some of those who died were said to have severe facial burns.

Twenty five fire engines are said to have rushed to the scene of the leak on Saturday morning at Shanghai Weng Brand Refrigerated Industrial Co.

Many of the victims were workers said to be asleep at the time of the incident in the company dormitories.

Investigations are continuing into the incident but the Chinese authorities are now said to be planning to carry out safety inspections on all ammonia plants in Shanghai.


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