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Emerson nod for R455A in small scrolls

BELGIUM: Refrigerant manufacturer Honeywell has announced that Solstice L40X (R455A), its lower GWP alternative to R404A, has been approved by compressor manufacturer Emerson.

The A2L refrigerant has been approved by Emerson for its Copeland scroll compressors from 2 to 8hp.

The refrigerant is a blend of 75.5% HFO R1234yf, 21.5% R32 and 3% CO2,with a GWP of 146. It is said to match the capacity of R404A and has the same or better efficiency.

“Offering compressors with Solstice L40X is key to our mission to support the refrigeration industry to navigate through the F-gas transition and to help address today’s challenges, said Sylvain Lamy, Emerson Climate Technologies’ director refrigeration marketing. “In addition, using the properties of Solstice L40X and thanks to the optimised design of our scroll, we see an improvement of energy efficiency compared to standard HFCs at the compressor level, which will help end-users to save on their energy bill.”

“Emerson’s adoption of Solstice L40X will help the cooling industry accelerate its transition to long-term refrigerants with a GWP below 150,” said Robert Kebby, global business manager – refrigeration, Honeywell Fluorine Products. “By providing customers with superior efficiency levels, Solstice L40X helps them reduce their carbon footprint. It also minimises their investment, which lowers the total cost of ownership.”

R455A has also been approved for use in the new YB(D) and YF(D) line of digital models

For the European market affected by F-gas regulation, Emerson has developed a new range of medium- and low-temperature scrolls, including its new line of digital models YB(D) and YF(D), design-optimised to work with A2L medium-pressure refrigerants.

Solstice L40X is seen as an alternative for low-, medium- and high-temperature applications in new systems. It is said to provide up to 6% better efficiency than the current, widely used refrigerant R404A.

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