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Europe risks “shooting itself in the foot”, EPEE warns

EUROPE: With F-gas negotiations reaching a critical point, industry has repeated its concerns about the costs and effectiveness of a full F-gas ban as proposed by the European Parliament.

The member companies and associations of the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) have written to decision makers insisting that a full F-gas ban would result in an ineffective policy, “essentially shooting ourselves in the foot”, says EPEE, in Europe’s drive for lower emissions and energy independence. 

“Some believe that all F-gases can simply be replaced with so-called “natural” (non-fluorinated) refrigerants,” EPEE says. “While these are part of the solution to an HFC phase down and are already being used by our members, they also come with caveats on safety, performance and affordability.”

The group insists that non-fluorinated refrigerants cannot fulfil all market needs of member states.

“Non-fluorinated refrigerants often demand more space. For example, it will be mainly detached homes with gardens that will be able to ‘easily’ use non-F-gas refrigerants in residential heat pumps,” it says, adding that in many applications non-fluorinated refrigerants are less efficient and safe than HFCs. 

“Any restriction to use only non-fluorinated refrigerants would result in less widespread decarbonisation of heating in homes, commercial buildings and industrial spaces. Indeed we risk creating a predicament in which many may be forced to keep or install an inefficient fossil fuel appliance rather than an efficient and climate-friendly system. What’s more, any policy that results in reducing production of RACHP equipment jeopardises jobs across the EU.”

EPEE members employ more than 200,000 people in 22 European countries across more than 100 factories and R&D centres, representing substantial investments in the European industrial fabric.

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