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Fujitsu Australia teams with controls and IoT firm

AUSTRALIA: Fujitsu General Australia has announced a strategic partnership with Western-Australia-based controls and IoT manufacturer Advantage Air to research, design and build OEM controllers. 

Under the agreement, Advantage Air will exclusively manufacture and build OEM controllers under exact specifications for Fujitsu General Australia ducted air conditioning systems. 

The partnership allows both companies to collaboratively research and develop controls specifically for Fujitsu General under license for the term of the agreement. 

The first controller will be released in the second half of this year to extend Fujitsu’s anywAiR Wi-Fi remote control offering, designed specifically for ducted air conditioning 

“Advantage Air is a highly respected and trusted business in Australia and shares similar values to Fujitsu General. Fujitsu always looks for these synergies with partners as it delivers many benefits for our customers,” said Dave Smith, General Manager – Sales and Marketing, Fujitsu General Australia. 

“This strategic partnership will allow Fujitsu General to release smart controllers and strengthen its product offering to dealers and end users, now and into the future,” said Dave Smith, Fujitsu General Australia’s general manager – sales and marketing.

“The trend for consumers to control their devices, including air conditioning, smartly is already very evident in some states and is set to continue to grow strongly in coming years across Australia,” stated Advantage Air director Dave Devoy.

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