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GE issues Zoneline recall

GE-Zoneline-AC-Heating-UnitsUSA: GE has issued a US recall on its Zoneline packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC) and heating units after incidents of smoke and/or fire associated with the unit’s heater.

GE says moisture from outdoor air can accumulate near the unit’s heater when the unit is operated with the vent door continuously open. This, along with two shorted electrical components, can create an electrical ground path and arcing, posing a risk of fire. 

GE says it has received three reports involving smoke and/or fire associated with the unit’s heater resulting in about $30,000 of property damage. No injuries have been reported.

The recall, which affects around 33,500 units with the GE logo affixed to the control panel door, involves the following models:

AZ40E09E, AZ41E07E, AZ41E09E, AZ41E12E, AZ41E15E, AZ61H07E, AZ61H09E, AZ61H12E, AZ61H15E

and with serial numbers beginning:

AT, AV, AZ, DT, DV, DZ, FT, FV, FZ, GS, GT, GV, GZ, HT, HV, HZ, LT, LV, LZ, MT, MV, MZ, RT, RV, RZ, ST, SV, SZ, TT, TV, TZ,  VS, VT, VV, VZ, ZS,  ZT,  ZV, ZZ

The units were sold in the USA from January 2010 to December 2013 for between $1,000 and $1,200. The model and serial numbers are printed on the rating plate that can be seen after removing the front panel.

Consumers have been advised to contact GE to schedule a free repair and instructed not to operate the PTAC unit with the external vent open while awaiting repair. Property maintenance personnel are instructed to remove the unit’s front panel and locate the vent door control lever at the left side of the Zoneline unit to ensure the lever is in the closed position.

Consumers should contact GE on 866-723-2697 between 8am and 5pm ET, Monday to Friday. For more information visit

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