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German police report more thefts

GERMANY: Police in Germany report further thefts of refrigerant as increased prices in Europe make HFCs an increasingly valuable commodity.

Police in Dresden have reported the theft of 24 12kg cylinders of an unspecified refrigerant, but probably R134a, from a car accessory shop on the city’s Am Markt. Employees noticed the loss on Tuesday and informed the police. The value of the stolen goods was estimated at over €12,000.

Meanwhile, police are appealing for information from anyone who has information on a break-in last weekend from a warehouse of a company in Ludwigstraße, in Braunschweig. In that raid, 59 refrigerant cylinders were stolen The loss was estimated at around €30,000 euros.

After forcing a window, the police assume that several perpetrators loaded the 20kg cylinders onto a truck before escaping.

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