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HFO foam-blower receives SNAP approval

1366mzzUSA: The new foam blowing agent HFO1336mzz has received SNAP approval by the US EPA for use with rigid polyurethane foam insulation.

The low GWP, non-flammable gas is being marketed by DuPont as Formacel 1100 and is expected to be available in commercial quantities from DuPont’s factory in China in the second half of 2016.

“DuPont continues to support the President’s Global Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the continued development and commercialisation of low GWP solutions,” said Thierry FJ Vanlancker, president, DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts. “Formacel 1100 provides a breakthrough product in response to regulatory and sustainability demands which will not only reduce GWP, but will also improve energy efficiency further reducing climate change impact.”

DuPont maintains that unlike lower boiling HFC options, Formacel 1100 can be handled like HCFC141b, eliminating some of the challenges presented by lower boiling points. It has a GWP of less than 10

Other applications

While this latest SNAP approval only covers the use of 1336mzz as a blowing agent for rigid polyurethane foam insulation, it is also being considered as both a replacement for R123 in centrifugal chillers and as a working fluid in high temperature heat pumps and organic rankine cycles.

Developed by DuPont as DR-2, Formacel 1100 (HFO1336mzz ) is estimated to be of similar efficiency to R123 in chiller applications but has a volumetric cooling capacity 21% lower. Although not a drop-in replacement for existing R123 chillers, HFO1336mzz could be considered as an alternative along with R134a, R1234yf, and another DuPont refrigerant DR-11 (a blend of R134a and R1234yf). The COP of HFO1336mzz is said to be 4.6% higher that R134a, 7.2% higher than DR-11 and 9.5% higher than R1234yf.

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