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High GWP refrigerant prices continue to rise

EUROPE: The F-gas regulations continue to impact refrigerant prices across Europe with high GWP gases continuing to increase, contrasted against falling prices for their lower GWP alternatives.

The latest Q2/2022 report from Öko-Recherche reports that prices for R134a, R410A and R404A increased over the last 12 months, on average up by 45%, 27%, and 22%, respectively, throughout the supply chain.  

Since Q2/2019, the prices of R448A, R449A and R452A are reported to have decreased throughout the entire supply chain. The only exceptions are on producer- and distributor-level for R448A. Similarly, prices for R1234yf, R445A and R513A have also dropped since 2019.

Price developments for R410A at all levels of the supply chain

Supply issues also appear to have settled down, with Öko-Recherche reporting that, In general, supply appears to be quite stable and previous issues, including freight and transport from China, have significantly reduced.

Compared to 2014, R134a prices are 1-6 times higher, R404A prices are 3-9 times higher and R410A prices are 1-6 times higher depending on the supply chain level. Compared to Chinese producer prices, European selling prices for R134a and R410A are 3.5x and 3x higher, respectively.

Prices of quota authorisations are reported to have increased, with some tentative indications for increasing average prices.

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