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Lab confirms Haier’s UVC effectiveness

CHINA: Texcell, the French independent viral test lab, is said to have confirmed that Haier Air Conditioning’s UVC Generator inactivates 99.998% of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Haier first initiated tests on the UVC Generator, which is used in its air conditioning units, within the sealed test facilities at Texcell’s Paris laboratory in November. 

The company points out that the aim of the test was to assess the effects of the UVC Generator in inhibiting novel coronavirus, rather than the performance of an air conditioning unit with UVC Generator.

UVC, a type of UV ray, with a wavelength on the spectrum ranging from 200-280nm, and has previously been widely used for disinfection. It works by damaging the structure of DNA and RNA, causing the microorganism to be unable to perform vital cellular functions. 

Haier’s UVC Generator emits the rays with a wavelength between 270-280nm. The device is installed on the evaporator and generates rays near the air inlet from the right to the left when the function is turned on.

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