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Majority support for F-gas revision proposals

EUROPE: The European Commission’s proposals for an accelerated F-gas phase down are said to be supported by a majority of EU member states, despite being described by industry as unrealistic. 

The F-gas revision proposals, published in April last year, seek to restrict new split system air conditioners and heat pumps of up to 12kW to HFCs with GWPs of less than 150 from January 1, 2027. This would limit new products to a near zero GWP refrigerant, such as hydrocarbons, CO2 or HFOs. In addition, from the same date, new systems over 12kW would be restricted to refrigerants with a GWP of 750 or less. On top of that, the phase down would be accelerated and extended to bring it into line with the Kigali Amendment.

Industry groups have previously described these proposals as unrealistic both in terms of the speed of technological development and in terms of the number of installers that would need to be trained and certified to handle the new refrigerants. 

Despite receiving support from several member states, reports suggest a larger number of states  are against diluting the overall level of ambition of the proposals. However, the Commission concedes that further discussion will be necessary on other key elements of the proposal, such as the timeline for restrictions on the placing on the market of certain products and equipment and the introduction and level of a price for quotas for HFCs.

Many European countries are also reported to have expressed support for extending the regulation to include natural refrigerants and a number of proposed modifications have been tabled, in particular with regard to marketing restrictions and labelling.

It now seems the plenary vote will not happen until April 2023 at the earliest, but with the next phase down step coming in on January 1 next year, the states are keen for the F-gas proposal to enter into force this year.

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