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MHI announces 1233zd(E) chiller

The new EHI-Z chiller joins MHI’s established EHI centrifugal chiller range

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has adopted the new low GWP refrigerant 1233zd(E) in a smaller centrifugal chiller.

The ETI-Z series marks the world’s first small-size centrifugal chillers to adopt the new refrigerant, with models being progressively introduced from September.

US manufacturer Trane became the first to use 1233zd(E) in a chiller when it announced the launch of its Series E CenTraVac last year. While the Trane chiller covers the range of 2,600kW to 14,000kW, MHI’s new ETI-Z Series comes in sizes from 280kW to 2,460kW.

Also being used for foam-blowing applications, 1233zd(E) has a zero ODP and a GWP of just 1. In that respect it is seen as a long-term replacement for R134a in centrifugal chillers.

MHI’s ETI-Z Series is based on the same principles as MHI’s established ETI Series of high performance and compact size. The ETI series, with its built-in inverter panel, have been widely spread into the market since the first models were introduced in 2008.

While the new models boast the same features as the established ETI Series, the size of the compressor and heat exchanger have generally been increased for 1233zd(E) to achieve the same capacity as R134a. However, the new ETI-Z Series has achieved a compact size by applying the latest blade shape, increasing the motor speed, and by adopting and optimising the arrangement of the high-performance tubes.

The control panel features a new board that is said to enable more precise control, thanks to increased speed of the central processing unit (CPU), to support the energy-saving operation of the chiller. The adoption of a touch panel type liquid-crystal display both enhances operability while also improving functions that support maintenance of the main unit.

Going forward, MHI says it plans to enhance its line-up of centrifugal chillers featuring the new refrigerant by progressively developing and launching models up to 5,275kW, including fixed-speed models.

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