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Trane first with 1233zd chiller

Series-E-CenTraVacFRANCE: A new non-flammable, low GWP refrigerant HFO1233zd(E) is being used for the first time in a new Trane chiller.

The Series E CenTraVac water-cooled centrifugal chiller is one of five new chillers launched by Trane and is the first chiller in the world to use the new HFO developed as an alternative to R123.

A single component refrigerant, 1233zd(E) is described as both low toxicity and non-flammable. It was originally developed for use as a blowing agent but has also been found to be a high efficiency alternative  to R123. It has been submitted for ASHRAE designation and classification and is expected to be classified as A1. Its GWP is low, listed under the F-gas regulations as 4.5 but variously described as 6, by UNEP, or 1, by Honeywell.

The Series E CenTraVac is available in capacities from 2,600kW to 14,000kW. It is said to be up to 10% more energy efficient than the next best chiller available in this tonnage, delivering industry-leading efficiencies at both part-load and full-load capacity. It allows for heat pump, heat recovery and free-cooling applications resulting in increased sustainability. Additionally, the unit offers an “ice making” feature for ice-enhanced cooling during peak demand.

The new CenTraVac is one of five new chillers launched by Trane with capacities ranging from 20kW to 14,000kW.

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