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MHI’s R32 chiller wins energy award

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ recently launched MSV2 series of air-cooled heat pump chillers has won an energy saving product award in Japan’s annual ECCJ Energy Conservation Grand Prize Awards.

The MSV2 series is said to achieve industry-leading COPs through a combination of a newly-developed e-3D scroll compressor and other proprietary technologies. 

MHI’s award in the Product & Business Model category of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Commissioner’s Award will be officially presented on January 27.

The MSV2 series, which uses R32 refrigerant, comprises four models ranging from 40 to 70hp. They incorporate the e-3D scroll compressor, described as a more advanced version of the 3D scroll compressor that compresses the refrigerant from all directions. 

Modification to the scroll shape, from a step to a slope, is said to have significantly reduced leakage loss, and provided a considerable gain in efficiency at low loads. In addition, the use of a large fan, long bell mouth, and small-diameter hairpin air heat exchanger provide 20% greater power efficiency compared to previous models. Further, this series offers approximately 55% energy reduction compared to absorption-type heating/cooling units.

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