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Midea exceeds cold climate challenge

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USA: Midea America’s soon to be launched 3 ton heat pump has exceeded performance benchmarks in the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge.

The Midea model is said to have achieved 118% of rated capacity heating output at -15ºF (-26ºC) meaning with a COP of 1.92 – surpassing the Energy Star cold climate benchmark of 1.7 COP at 5ºF (-15ºC).

The DOE’s Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge was launched in 2021 to encourage the collaboration of manufacturers, utilities and other stakeholders in developing next-generation heat pumps for colder climates.

In addition to Midea, eight other heat pump manufacturers signed up as partners – Carrier, Daikin, Johnson Controls, LG, Lennox, Mitsubishi Electric, Rheem and Trane. 

The DOE Challenge stipulates the use of a refrigerant with a GWP of no more than 750 under AR4. Midea has not yet revealed details of its new heat pump, but has confirmed that it uses a low-GWP A2L refrigerant. This suggests either R32 or R452B. The company is using R452B in its unitary air conditioning units in the North American.

However, the company does reveal that the Midea heat pump relies on its Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology – a two-stage refrigerant compression process, with an intermediary injection of additional refrigerant vapour. 

Midea’s cold climate heat pump system now advances into the DOE’s field test phase, with production units slated to be available in the summer of 2024.

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