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MTL Cool launches R441A fridge

MTL-CoolCANADA: MTL Cool has now launched a new series of energy-saving commercial refrigeration units that run on the new hydrocarbon blend refrigerant R441A.

A prototype refrigerated display unit using the recently EPA-approved refrigerant was first shown in June at the FMI Connect 2015 show in Chicago.

The Quebec-based manufacturer began testing the new gas, also known as HCR188C, in April. A blend of ethane (R170), isobutane (R600a), propane (R290) and butane (R600), the refrigerant was cleared for use in the US earlier this year following its listing on the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Programme.

MTL Cool report  improved efficiencies compared to traditional units running on either R134 or R290. Test results released on one of the new products claim a 17% lower charge, a faster pull-down time and a 17% energy saving compared to R290.

“We are also tweaking the design for full production units, reducing the sizing of the coils compared to what’s used for propane,” commented MTL Cool president, Mark Bedard. “Reducing the surface area of the coils means even less charge is needed, creating another way that use of the multi-blend hydrocarbon saves money.”

HCR188C/R441A was developed over a number of years by AS Trust and Holdings of Hawaii. Richard Maruya, president of A. S. Trust, confirms, “In many of my own tests I noticed a quicker pull-down time versus other refrigerants such as pure propane. This is why I went to use of a multi-blend hydrocarbon; faster cooling, as well as using a smaller volume of coolant, contributes to using less energy.”

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