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Norway postpones F-gas renewal exams

NORWAY: The Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency has postponed the deadline for renewal of its F-gas certificate until September 1.

As of June 1, this year, Norwegian F-gas certificates will have a validity of five years. After that date, both personal and corporate certificates that are more than five years from the date of issue must be renewed. 

This means that by June 1, certificates issued before June 1, 2015 will no longer be valid. The renewal process requires individuals to undergo a re-examination and many have already signed up for exams this spring to renew their certificates. 

However, due to the coronavirus, the exams are currently cancelled or postponed. The Environment Directorate has therefore decided to postpone the deadline for renewal of the F-gas certificate until September 1.

The Environment Directorate says it will re-evaluate whether further postponement is needed before the summer holidays. 

Espen Rønning, head of VKE, the Norwegian Refrigeration and HVAC Association, said: “This is a wise and absolutely necessary decision by the Norwegian Environment Agency. It is important that all companies and installers who need to renew their F-gas certificate follow when the exam centre reopen, so that they do not remain without certification after September 1.”

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