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Prepare for flammable refrigerants

BELGIUM: Four of Europe’s leading air conditioning and refrigeration groups have joined together to urge contractors to prepare for a future with flammable refrigerants.

A new leaflet – Get Ready for Flammable Refrigerants! – has been prepared by EPEE, AREA, Asercom and the EFCTC as part of a broader communications campaign. It follows a similar collaboration at the beginning of the year imploring contractors to stop using the high GWP refrigerant R404A.

In order to achieve the European F-gas phase down deadlines, all European contractors will ultimately need to embrace the new lower GWP refrigerants. Virtually all of these new refrigerants exhibit a degree of flammability.

In a very straightforward manner, the free-to-download leaflet describes all the aspects that need to be considered when using these refrigerants, whether the “mildly flammable” A2L’s or highly flammables like propane. This includes explanations of the reasons for their adoption, training and qualifications, standards and building codes.

It also warns that the pressure on prices and supply of refrigerants as a consequence of the phase-down is likely to create an increase in counterfeits. It advises contractors to only buy refrigerants from known reputable sources.

The leaflet can be read and downloaded here.

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