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R404A/R134a replacements now in US

DuPont-Opteon-XP40USA: Chemours has announced the US availability of its lower GWP alternatives for R404A, R507 and R134a.

Opteon XP40 (R449A) and Opteon XP10 (R513A) recently received SNAP approval by the US EPA. Chemours promises that these are the first in a growing portfolio of low GWP stationary refrigerants that it will introduce to the US market across a variety of applications in the next few years.

Already available in Europe, the new gases are designed to help US industry transition away from EPA SNAP-delisted products in key applications including commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.

R449A is a non-flammable, low GWP HFO blend with a GWP of 1282 and is said to be a close performance match to both R404A and R507. Chemours describes R449A as an ideal solution for retrofit and new systems that maintains that tests have shown an 8-12% energy efficiency gain compared to R404A.

R513A is a non-flammable, low GWP HFO blend with a GWP of 573 and a capacity and efficiency to match R134a, the refrigerant it is designed to replace. 

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