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Savings a breeze for Heez

Marco Caretto (left) Carel’s refrigeration and retail head of sales with Frigoglass marketing director Stamatis Karatzas

ITALY: Energy savings of 40% achieved by Carel’s new beverage cooler controller has seen the unit being adopted by Frigoglass for its Easyreach Express commercial drinks display fridge.

Heez is Carel’s new integrated solution for the control and management of beverage coolers, recently awarded the World Innovation Beverage Award in the Best environmental sustainability initiative category at Drinktech 2017. It features a DC inverter that drives variable-capacity rotary compressors, modulating DC fans and stepper valves, for total modulation. It incorporates a number of innovative control logic and auto-adaptive algorithms that exploit the benefits of these technologies.

Revealing that the new Frigoglass Easyreach Express model equipped with Heez achieved 40% energy savings, Stamatis Karatzas, marketing director of Frigoglass said: “This will make open cooler merchandisers much more attractive for the beverage companies, and will enable them to maintain sales performances and to achieve sustainability targets.”

“The adoption of a variable speed technology on commercial refrigerators represents a new milestone that will change the rules of the game, and will open new opportunities for our companies” said Marco Caretto, Carel refrigeration and retail head of sales.

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