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Simplifying AHU and ERC selection

BELGIUM: Eurovent has published a new recommended standard for interoperability between energy recovery components (ERC) DLL’s and air handling units selection software.

The Eurovent 17/13 provides a recommended future standard to implement the provisions of EN 308:2022 and expected new Ecodesign requirements in AHU’s selection calculations with respect to internal leakage and moisture recovery. It specifies the principles of data exchange at the interface between the AHU and ERC software to account for the impact of internal leakage on AHU performance. The recommendation also comments on the implementation of ERC DLL outputs in AHU calculations.

Thomas Richter, chairman of Eurovent’s Energy Recovery Components Product Group, commented: “The Recommendation provides fundamental standards and as it comments on the implementation of ERC DLL outputs in AHU calculations, this reduces and helps avoid mistakes and misunderstandings in calculation of ERC-products in AHU-software. We are confident that this Recommendation will be helpful to the industry experts.”

The document is free to download here.

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