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Systemair’s Mats Sándor is AMCA president

SWEDEN: Mats Sándor, senior technical director of Swedish ventilation company Systemair, has been elected president of the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) for the period 2021 to 2022. 

Sándor, a member of the AMCA board of directors since 2014, replaces Amit Ahuja MD of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE-based Maico Gulf LLC. 

The announcement was made during the association’s annual meeting today. AMCA represents the interests of manufacturers of air system components such as fans, louvres and dampers. To date, AMCA has 400 members around the world. In addition to providing a platform for members on important issues, AMCA also works towards developing several standards aimed at improving the industry.

Sándor said: “Essentially, we aim to promote sustainability and energy efficiency and ensure that the global fan industry positively contributes towards combatting climate change through education, certification of products and advocating for the improvement of codes, standards and regulations. We also want to support the efforts of manufacturers producing higher quality and higher efficiency products the world over, given its importance to important issues such as air quality and better building performance.”

Sándor began his career with Systemair AB, the Sweden-based manufacturer of fans, air terminal devices, air-handling units, air curtains, radiant heaters, fan heaters, convectors, and dehumidifiers, in 1989. As laboratory manager and, later, quality manager, he oversaw the construction of one of the first AMCA-accredited laboratories in Europe, as well as the first ventilation-industry laboratory in Sweden certified to ISO 9001. Following a stint as technical manager at Systemair’s main technical centre in Sweden, Sándor was promoted to technical director. In his current role he has represented Systemair on the advisory board for ICIEE (International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy) and the board of the Eurovent Certification Programmes and Policy Commission.

Sándor maintains that a core focus of his presidency will be to cultivate a more international community within AMCA and promote a well-rounded and international perspective that will be reflected in the organisation’s strategies and activities in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In addition, he aims to reinforce AMCA’s important role promoting the importance of third-party certification. “It is important that declared data is the correct data, especially when you talk about energy efficiency,” he said. “If you don’t know the performance of the product, then it’s almost impossible to choose the right working and operating points in order to have the most efficient system.” To this end, he said, AMCA certification contributes to push for an overall improvement in the quality and efficiency of fans.

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