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Thermo King to offer R452A in US

SLXe-R452a-homeUSA: Transport refrigeration firm Thermo King has announced it is to offer trailers and trucks using lower GWP refrigerant R452A in North America.

The announcement, which is dependent upon the refrigerant’s approval by the US EPA under its SNAP programme, follows Thermo King’s adoption of the new refrigerant blend in Europe at the beginning of the year.

With a GWP of 2140, R452A is not considered a low GWP gas but at virtually half the GWP of currently-used R404A it has appeal both in new equipment and as a drop-in alternative.

Thermo King says it will continue to offer its transport customers its current line of transport refrigeration products, and ensure that optimum levels of service are offered throughout the products’ lifecycle until customers are ready to transition.

“Our intent has always been to offer operators a choice of how and when to lower their GHG footprint without compromising the product performance they expect from Thermo King,” said Ray Pittard, president of Thermo King. “We made this new line of trailer and self-powered truck units available to customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa earlier this year and have sold more than 500 units in the first three months of the product’s release. We are delighted to offer North American customers the same choices.”

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