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UK begins ratification of Kigali

UK: The UK has begun ratifying the landmark Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol. 

The UK, along with the rest of the EU, has already begun to phase down HFCs under the European F-gas regulations which requires a cut of 79% in HFCs placed on the EU market between 2015 and 2030.

Ratification of the Montreal Protocol will result in an additional UK reduction of equivalent to around 44 million tonnes of CO2 beyond what would be achieved under the EU Regulation alone. The value of that carbon saving is estimated at around £1.56bn and the cost at around £390m, representing a net benefit to the UK of £1.17bn.

In announcing the decision, yesterday, environment secretary Michael Gove said: “Adopting this ambitious target will mark the UK as a world leader in tackling climate change. Not only will this deal reduce global carbon emissions by the equivalent of around 70 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2050 – the same as 600 coal fired power stations would produce during that time – it will also help to protect our health, our agriculture and the wider environment.”

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