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Video heralds Daikin’s R1234ze chillers

UK: Daikin’s introduction of R1234ze chillers appears to be imminent with the release of a video hailing the launch of air-cooled and water-cooled units using the low GWP HFO refrigerant.

The video posted on YouTube last week is in advance of any formal announcement of new HFO 1234ze(E) versions of its established air-cooled TZB and water-cooled VZ chillers.

The launch will mark Daikin’s first foray into the use of R1234ze(E) which has already been adopted, at least as an option, by most of the world’s leading chiller manufacturers.

Details of the launch were first revealed at Daikin UK’s D1 Dealer conference in London in May. Described as employing the best of both Daikin and McQuay’s expertise, the new chillers, it was said, would avoid the use of Turbocor compressors in favour of Daikin’s latest inverter-controlled screw compressor technology.

In June, the Cooling Post learned that the water-cooled version would be available in cooling capacities from 340 to 1600kW and in single- and twin-compressor versions.

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