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York chillers on A2L refrigerants enter US

USA: As the US moves to phase down HFC refrigerants, Johnson Controls has launched its first chillers using lower GWP refrigerants R454B and R1234ze in the USA.

The new introductions to the US market are the York YLAA air-cooled scroll chiller on R454B and the York YVFA free-cooling, variable-speed screw chiller on R1234ze.

The use of R454B, an A2L refrigerant with a GWP of 466, is the latest addition to the YLAA line that included an average 4.5% part-load efficiency improvement in 2021 and the addition of two compact models that expanded the product range from 40 to 230 tons in 2022.

The York YVFA chiller on the HFO R1234ze was engineered to meet the same performance levels of earlier models using legacy refrigerants. Designed to cool computer equipment, servers and data halls in data centers, the YVFA combines variable-speed drive compressors and high-efficiency, air-to-liquid free-cooling coils for enhanced efficiency.

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