Danfoss helps keep the penguins cool

Adelie-penguinsMEXICO: Danfoss is helping to provide the right conditions for a colony of Adélie penguins in Guadalajara’s humid subtropical climate.

The 12 Adélie penguins, acquired from a zoo in Tokyo, are a star attraction in Antarctica: the Kingdom of Penguins at Guadalajara Zoo.

In a city with a humid subtropical climate, it fell to Danfoss to provide an environment more suited to the penguins’ Antarctic homeland.

Guadalajara Zoo began the search earlier this year for equipment that could adequately match the required areas for the penguins: a quarantine zone, the public area, the penguins habitat, a space to serve as a bedroom during the night and an ice machine.

“The Zoo opted for Danfoss solutions, due to several factors; one of them is the immediate availability of the equipment, allowing the twelve penguins were in observation during a period of quarantine, to rule out problems of health or adaptation before being displayed,” explained Eduardo Luna, Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Distribution sales manager.

The initial 80m³ quarantine area was maintained at a temperature of 0ºC by a 5hp Danfoss condensing unit and two evaporators. In the same area stood a 10.5m³ swimming pool, which was kept refrigerated with another similar unit.

The 672m³ penguin area has also been refrigerated at 0ºC. It initially was decided to install two 7hp condensing units with scroll compressors, as well as four evaporators. The evaporators are used alternately to avoid an increases in temperature during defrost. A further 5hp unit was subsequently added following a major installation of lamps which increased the heat load.

The 154m³ salt water pool is, kept at a temperature of 5ºC by two chillers with two 20hp semi-hermetic compressors, one of which serves as emergency backup. Danfoss electronic controllers were also used.

While the visiting area does not need to be refrigerated, it was important to maintain a suitable temperature to avoid condensation and fogging of glasses. To maintain the temperature of 15ºC in the 570m³ room, two 10hp hermetic condensing units, two air handling units and two Danfoss EKC 202C electronic controllers were used.

In addition, a machine was installed outside the habitat to provide ice which should cover the plastic mesh on the floor and dampen steps and jumps from birds and to keep their feet in good condition. A 5hp semi-hermetic condensing unit is employed to produce 1.5 tons of ice every day.

The penguins’ night area has dimensions similar to the area of the now dismantled quarantine facility and a pool of 18m3 which is being cooled with the equipment removed from the quarantine area.

“With good initial results, we are proud to be one of the companies where our products have collaborated so that the Guadalajara Zoo expands its attractions positioning them as the only institution in the country that offers the possibility to admire the behaviour of a small community of Adélie penguins,” said Eduardo Luna.

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