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Tecumseh Silensys optimised for A2L refrigerants

FRANCE: Tecumseh has extended its Silensys low noise condensing units to to be compatible with A2L refrigerants.

The new Silensys Advanced units are optimised for “mildly flammable” A2L refrigerants R455A, R454C and R1234yf.

Building on its 20 years of expertise with the Silensys range, Tecumseh has designed the new Advanced units with two compartments to achieve the necessary separation of electrical components from refrigeration components.

In addition, the compressor compartment features active ventilation along with crankcase heater, pressure switch and fan speed control chosen for suitable operation in this environment. 

Manufactured to strict guidelines by Tecumseh at its factory in Lyon, France, the units are said to be inspected and tested on dedicated production lines to ensure the highest safety standards with the range being extended to 15kW. 


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