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Ammonia packs are perfect topping

UK: Two Bitzer ammonia compressor packs (ACP) with a combined cooling capacity of 1.4MW are supplying the refrigeration for a new pizza production plant in the North of England.

The industrial scale single-stage pumped ammonia system serves all the cooling needs of the brand-new 60,000ft² food production facility. Carried out by Integral UK for one of the UK’s leading food companies, the installation uses the Bitzer ACP systems to deliver multi-temperature cooling for the plant’s 2°C chill store, -5°C spiral chillers, -18°C freezer cold store.

Integral UK designed the multi-compressor packaged ammonia solution for the highest levels of efficiency, whilst minimising payback time on the project.

The ACP units selected have three compressors per pack, giving standby capacity and the resilience required. It enables engineers to service a compressor while the others remain operational, reducing process down-time and improving life-cycle cost.

“This superbly executed Integral UK project is an excellent example of how to harness the strengths of Bitzer’s modern ammonia refrigeration systems, to deliver an efficient, safe, resilient and cost-effective solution,” claimed Bitzer UK MD Kevin Glass. “Ammonia systems have traditionally been built as one-offs, often in less than ideal conditions. Bitzer builds ACP units in a pristine factory environment, ensuring the highest possible quality and integrity, absolutely necessary when working with ammonia.”

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