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AquaEdge chillers for Chinese data centres

The Guangming Haina data centre in Shenzhen is expected to be completed by 2018

CHINA: Carrier China is to provide 32 AquaEdge centrifugal chillers to two data centres in China.

Leading Chinese smart energy system solutions supplier East Group has ordered 32 AquaEdge 19XR variable frequency centrifugal chillers for the Guangming Haina data centre in Shenzhen and the G16 data centre in Guangzhou.

The order includes 12 chillers with a cooling capacity of 1000TR and 20 chillers with a cooling capacity of 800TR. The AquaEdge chillers are said to offer outstanding energy-efficiency at full-load and can swiftly restart in case of unexpected power failure.

“There is a growing demand for high-efficiency building solutions in the data center segment, which has high standards for reliability, uptime and sustainability,” said Liao Hua, general manager, Carrier, Southern China.

Both data centres are expected to be completed next year to serve well-known information technology companies.

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