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Carrier benefits Chinese O2O customers

CHINA: Carrier China has been selected by a leading Shanghai-based online-to-offline (O2O) service platform chain to provide VRF air conditioning to a number of its stores.

The Carrier VRF systems will be supplied to nearly 20 Guoan Community stores in Shanghai.

Online-to-offline commerce is designed to draw potential customers from online channels to physical stores. O2O identifies customers in the online space, then uses a variety of methods and approaches to draw customers to leave the online space.

“Recently in China, there has been a boom of O2O businesses that integrate internet, mobile, cloud computing into traditional commerce and service industries. With a proven track record of efficient VRF products, Carrier China is pleased to provide Guoan Community an energy efficient solution that creates a comfortable environment for consumers,” said Yinghua Zhu, light commercial sales director, Carrier China.

The mini VRF units meet a variety of heating and cooling needs and have an IPLV of 6.2, which is 70% higher than the national energy efficiency standard.

Guoan Community offers a wide array of community services including shopping, property management, housekeeping and warehousing. In addition to developing effective online platforms and tools, Guoan Community builds healthcare experiential centres and supermarket-like stores to stay close to consumers. It has opened over 100 offline stores in Beijing, and it plans to set up and additional 5,000 stores across China covering 200 million consumers.

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