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Climaveneta takes gold lead in Verona


ITALY: Climaveneta has supplied rooftop units and a heat pump as part of an HVAC system to LEED Gold standards for a new shopping centre in Verona.

Sixteen Whisper Enthalpy air-source roof top units and an air-to-air reversible heat pump will form a vital part of the new Adigeo shopping centre in Verona, which will open in spring 2017.

The 72,000m2 building will boast more than 140 shops over three floors. In addition two basement levels will provide parking for more than 2,500 cars.

German developer ECE, the European leader in the retail real estate market, is seeking to obtain LEED Gold certification for the building. To maximise the energy efficiency of the building, good shell insulation has been combined with efficient solar shielding and innovative M&E systems.

Technologies employed include rainwater recovery, white polyolefin roof to avoid hot islands, a 500kW photovoltaic field, solar panels for sanitary hot water production and installation of air-source heat pump for the air conditioning of the mall. 


The HVAC system has been designed following the LEED prerequisites, with a strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. The 16 Climaveneta Whisper Enthalpy air source roof top units provide a total air flow of 500,000m3/h, It also includes a Climaveneta NECS-N/CA air-to-air heat pump.

The Whisper units are used to air condition and recover rejected heat from the mall area. Small shops are served by a mixed system based on air-air units and thermostatic loop. This grants high performances, above all in mid seasons because it takes advantage of the free-cooling effect between external and internal shops, with a very high seasonal average efficiency.

The air renewal system is the same for all shops and is based on a heat pump providing pre-heating in winter and pre-cooling in summer. Medium shops of more than 400m² are equipped with independent HVAC systems.

To ensure perfect internal comfort, attention was paid to air distribution and avoiding draughts through the careful design and installation of air diffusers. F7 and F8 high efficiency filtration systems were selected both on the AHU and roof top units, with a continuous monitoring of the internal air quality.


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