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CO2 heat pump to provide simultaneous heating and cooling

GERMANY: Engie Refrigeration is to install a Thermeco2 high-temperature CO2 heat pump to provide simultaneous heating and cooling to the Ludwigsburg council offices, near Stuttgart.

The Ludwigsburg District Office is home to almost all the important specialist departments in the Swabian district and houses a powerful in-house data centre. This requires a reliable refrigeration supply around the clock. 

In addition, the office intends to become climate-neutral from 2025. To achieve this, it plans to use a photovoltaic system and a combined heat and power system to produce and consume its own electricity in future.

To support this, Engie Refrigeration is now supporting the District Office on its path towards climate neutrality with sustainable server cooling. 

“The Ludwigsburg District Office requires heat uncoupling in a challenging temperature range: high outlet temperatures of up to 90ºC, and a low inlet temperature of 38ºC,” explained Engie Refrigeration key account manager Frank Glaser. “Our Thermeco2 high-temperature heat pump unfolds its full potential under these conditions, while alternative solutions could only achieve this with a great deal of technical and primary energy expenditure,” he added.

The Thermeco2 high-temperature heat pump, with a heating capacity of 100kW, will be installed at the Ludwigsburg District Office in March, and will then provide the base load refrigeration for year-round server cooling. It is replacing an outdated R22 refrigeration system.

The heat pump will also cool the administrative building in the winter months and, thanks to its heat recovery function, simultaneously provide heat for heating the building, water heating and for conditioning the recirculated air in the server rooms. 

Additional chillers and boilers will be employed for peak loads in hot or cold weather.


The Thermeco2 has recently been updated with enhancements which will now take effect for the first time in the machine for the District Office. “As of now, we will be relying on our tried-and-tested Quantum electrical components in the Thermeco2 as well. In addition, the filter dryer will become the standard,” said Frank Glaser.

It is said to keep the refrigerant circuit clean and dry and thus counteracts the decay of the chiller oil, corrosion and further contamination. In addition, the Thermeco2 weighs around 10% less than the previous model, thanks to its optimised design, smaller switch cabinet and soldered connections instead of flange connections.

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